The full title of this standard is AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011 Hoist for the transfer of disabled persons - Requirements and Test Methods.

Primarily this standard applies to equipment manufacturers but in it are relevant parts that describe who can and how Patient Hoists (both mobile and ceiling / overhead systems) should be tested. As an absolute minimum these devices should be serviced and tested (refer AS/NZS 3551) every 12 months. As well as electrical safety checks each hoist system should be fully examined mechanically and functionally tested and then concluded with a weight test using free hanging weights equal to the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the device as determined by the manufacturer of the device. Slings on the other hand because of the way they are used and laundered should be examined as a minimum every 6 months plus the operator of the hoist should be checking the state of the slings each time they are used - checking the stiching, attachment points and looking for any faults that could cause harm to the person being lifted.

OCM can carry out all these checks and tests plus we can advise and train your onsite staff to carry out the basic safety checks and sling inspections. Call us for more information or fill out the contact form and we will call you.