There are numerous Standards that Hospitals (Private and Public), Rest Homes and Care Facilities must comply with that ensure the smooth running of the organisation along with the safety and well being of the staff that work within them and the patients and residents that use them.

In the context of equipment maintenance and specifically equipment that is used in the care and treatment of patients and the staff that uses that equipment there are several specific standards that need to be adhered to. There are three key standards that you should be aware of and each covers a specific area -  AS/NZS 3551  Performance and verification testing of medical devices, AS/NZS ISO 10535 Testing methods for patient hoists and AS/NZS 3760 Electrical safety of electric appliances. For further explanation on these standards follow the links. Copies of the full standard can be purchased from Standards New Zealand.

OCM can make navigating these standards a simple task for you and will ensure your medical device inventory is compliant and functional.